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Porn has come a long way from its beginnings. Older generations were stuck with having to go to some liquor store and buy a magazine, bring it home, and find a place to look at the pictures of the naked chicks. The poor kids had to sneak into older brother’s or their dad’s rooms and find them there. There was so much effort involved to just look at 2 dimensional pictures. Eventually, it moved on to movies, and VHS tapes to watch the same scenes over and over. Thank God, things have changed.

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Now, fortunately we have the internet, which is really great to access beautiful naked women at the click of a button. I’ve spent plenty of time looking at amazing pictures of girls in all shapes, colors, and sizes in the most erotic scenes. Even better than those are the videos that we can see at any time. We have porn on demand, which is a huge accomplishment from where it had been. I love porn, but I also want to get laid. I thought about the online dating websites, but I really didn’t want to go through all of the hassle of setting up the whole thing. I want the instantaneousness hot chicks of porn, but the interaction and personalization of a date.

What had me most intrigued lately has been the nude cam websites. I thought that I would try them out and see if it would take me to the next level of interacting with these gorgeous naked babes that I have only seen in pictures and videos. I’m sure glad that I did. Now I never want to go back!

Before I explain why I love live adult chats, I should explain my hesitation to join in on them in the first place. I thought that I would be embarrassed, that I wouldn’t have anything to talk about, or that it would be too expensive. I was so wrong about all of these.

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When you meet the girl that you want to chat with, they show you special attention. They want to make you happy in any way possible. If you just want to talk, then they will listen. If you want them to do something specific, like finger themselves, then they are more than happy to oblige. When I went into my first private sex show, I actually spent a good amount of time just getting to know the girl. She was beautiful and her focus was entirely on me. I’ve come back to see her since then and she remembers me and asks me about myself. It is so cool to have this beautiful girl want to make me happy in any way that I ask.

I didn’t want a girlfriend that I would have to be committed to 24/7. I wanted someone that I could go to when I needed it, and this has been perfect for me. There are no strings attached in our relationship. She is mine when I want her, then I am on to doing the other things that I need to get done. 

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Live sex webcams are really not expensive, especially when you compare them to dating. If you do the math, then you know that a date can easily cost about $100, especially with dinner and drinks, and there is no guarantee that you will get any fucking at the end of it. Live Adult Chats cost a fraction of that, and you are guaranteed to have this girl do whatever you want her to do. Of course, you can spend more and get more, or discounts, but these beauties are probably out of my league in the real world. I don’t mind paying a beautiful chick to give me her attention and do what I ask her to. I even tip her when she does an extra special job.

These women are gorgeous. Seriously hot babes. If I was out at a bar looking to get laid, my standards might lower to find a sure thing. On a webcam site, I can have my pick from hundreds of ladies that are drop dead gorgeous. They don’t even have to see me. I can just watch and talk to them. They don’t care what I look like. They don’t judge me on what I tell them, even if it is personal information. Most importantly, they will do what I ask them to do without hesitation. I can really be myself with these women. It makes me feel good.

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I have found the best of both the porn world and the dating world in webcam sites. I get to live out my fantasies with the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and I don’t have mandatory commitment or time that I have to invest as I would with a traditional relationship. It’s inexpensive and fun to meet the sexy babes from all around the world that want to spend some time alone with me. I just wish that I would have discovered this sooner!

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