My experience with a teen cam girl that I fantasized about for a long time

My experience with a teen cam girl

I’m a middle aged man that has been married to my high school sweetheart for 40 years. We’ve had a good marriage and I love her very much. We have raised our children successfully, gone on family vacations, and are now enjoying our retirement years together. We used to have a very healthy sex life, but as we have grown older, it has not fit into our routine as much as it used to. Honestly, I’m just not sexually attracted to her as much as when we were younger. Don’t get me wrong, I do love her, and I have no intention of leaving her at all. It’s just over the years, her body isn’t what it used to be. I miss the tight ass and firm tits that she had when I fell in love with her when we were teenagers. I miss her wanting to fuck me like she did when she was young. Now we seldom have sex, and when we do, it is very routine.


I know that many people would think it strange that a man of my age would be attracted to teenage girls. I have to clarify, though, I am not into underage chicks. I am, however, completely turned on to girls that are 18-25 years old. These girls have tight bodies with firm asses and perky tits that are just amazing to look at. I’ve spent years watching these young vixens in videos. They can move their bodies in ways that are indescribable. They love being fucked in the ass and pussy and their young bodies seem to always be begging for more.

Recently I’ve felt that watching these hot sexy teens on videos was not enough to satisfy me. I’d probably look like an old pervert going for sexy young girls out in public but I wanted to interact with them, not just watch them performing something that they may have done a while ago. I wanted to talk to these hot young chicks and watch them get naughty just for me. I thought about going to strip-clubs, but I also wanted something more private. That’s when it occurred to me that I could try out live adult chat. I have always been curious about how things went on those websites, but had never actually taken the plunge to try it out for myself.

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One day, while my wife was out shopping for the day, I decided to navigate onto a sex cam website and see what it was all about. Immediately I saw a sea of thumbnails with pictures of the most beautiful women in all shapes and sizes. There were MILFs, BBWs, and to my delight, teenagers among the babes that were available. I narrowed my search to girls 18-21 years old, and in all honesty, I didn’t know how to choose from the fresh-faced, sexy chicks that were online and available immediately. I finally decided on this young Asian girl that was wearing a private school uniform. I entered the room and watched this young girl typing on the computer. She was smiling at the camera with her fresh, innocent looking face. You could see half of her breast because her white shirt was unbuttoned and she had no bra on. Her skirt was so short that when she went to pick up her headphones that had fallen on the floor, her white panties were visible. I became hard right away. I needed to have some private time with her so that I could see the rest of those little tits and what was underneath her panties.

I paid the fee to get the credits to use for a private session. Then I was directed to another room where she and I were alone. Her shy smile made her seem innocent, but I knew that she was a naughty girl too. She told me that she liked older men because they knew what they wanted and how to make girls feel the way that they should. She began to rub her pussy underneath that short skirt and pulled her shirt open to reveal those firm tits while she pinched her erect nipples and stared at me. She bent over and leaned on the bed, pulling up her skirt while she teased me before pulling down her panties and revealing her tight ass. I was so hard and had to stop jerking off a couple of times to make myself last or else I would have cum immediately. I felt like a teenager again myself. Knowing that she was doing this for me gave me a euphoria that made me feel young and alive and attractive again. Feelings that I hadn’t felt for a long time. After a little while, she pulled out a hot pink vibrator and began fucking herself with it and occasionally rubbing her clit. I asked her if I could see it close up and she gave me a full screen shot of her wet pussy.


She moaned my name a few times and I knew that she was about to cum because her gorgeous white legs began to shake. Hearing my name come out of this girls mouth and watching her play with that beautiful pussy for me took me over the edge. I came harder than I had in decades. I loved every minute of it and was invigorated by the experience that we had just shared together. She flashed her cute smile at me, popped a pice of gum in her mouth, and thanked me for the wonderful time. I gave her a pretty decent tip so she would remember me when I came back (which I immediately decided to do soon). Now I get an email from her every time that she is available online. This experience was phenomenal. I can relive the sexual energy of my youth with hot young chicks in an anonymous and safe way. There is no judgement, just acceptance for what I want sexually. I still get to be faithful to my wife, whom I love very much. I will be a regular with cam girls. They meet all of my sexual needs whenever I want them.

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