How adult chatrooms helped fulfill our fantasy

Adult chat sites can fulfill your fantasies too

My husband and I have been married for quite some time. We have a very healthy sex life, which is a large part of our marriage. Since we started dating, we have tried to push boundaries and integrate new things to keep this fresh and exciting. He has been asking me about bringing another woman to our bed for quite some time. I have never said no to any of his requests or fantasies, but I have found this to be difficult to agree to do. I know that he loves me, but I believe that it would be hard to share him physically with another person. I don’t believe that I’m normally a very jealous or possessive woman, but I feel like it would be hard to watch another woman touch my husband intimately. I have struggled with this because I don’t want him to want to be with another person and eventually act upon it without my knowledge. Honestly is paramount in our relationship. 

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I have been with other women myself, and I am extremely turned on by the sensuality of a woman’s body. I love the look of hard nipples on a beautiful, round breast. Looking at a woman pleasuring herself gets me so turned on. Maybe because I know how she is feeling while she does it. 

So my problem is that my husband and I both think that naked, horny, beautiful women are incredibly sexy, and turn us both on, I don’t want to take the leap in sharing my partner with someone; at least not yet. I wanted to dip my toe in this fantasy before jumping in, to see that it was something that I could be comfortable with. I wanted to make sure that my husband would still want me as much even after he was with another woman.

I thought about how I could accomplish this task to make us both happy. I was at a loss. Then, I came across a banner on a porn website that was advertising Live Adult Chat with web cam girls. I decided to investigate this further on my own before presenting the idea to my husband.

I went to the website and saw hundreds of beautiful women that were online at that time. I found a beautiful young Latina babe and clicked on her picture. I was then taken to a virtual room where I watched her smiling to the camera and then interacting on the computer with the other people in the room that were writing to her. She was wearing very short jean shorts and a transparent white shirt with a black lace bra underneath. Her body was beautiful and her smile was mesmerizing with her bright red lipstick contrasting her light olive skin. I knew that my husband would love her, and I thought she was incredibly sexy myself. I decided to pay for a private room so that I could talk to her and tell her about my situation and see if she could help.

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I bought the credits for some time with her and was directed to another room where it was just her and I. When she saw that I was a woman, her smile grew and while sitting on her bed she placed her elbows on her knees so that her shirt fell slightly and her tits peaked out. I wanted her so badly at that moment, but I had come to speak to her about being included in our sexual fantasy, so I began to talk to her and tell her that I would like her to play with us through her camera during sex. She was thrilled to be able to help me out and we discussed times and days that she would be available. She was so easy to talk to and had no judgement whatsoever. 

My first time watching adult webcam chat

Since I was there, I decided to see what she was like when she was performing. I asked her if she could show me her tits and she gladly removed her shirt and bra for me. She started to caress her breasts and then she told me that she was really horny and asked if I would mind if she made herself cum in front of me because she really liked to be watched. I told her that I would like it if she did. She pulled out a vibrator and pulled down those shorts and began to touch herself. I couldn’t help it. I had to do the same. She was amazing to watch and knowing that she was doing it for me made it that much hotter. Soon after she and I came, I knew that this would be something that my husband would love to be a part of as well.

One evening, several days later, I called my husband into the bedroom. When he entered he saw me in sexy lingerie and my laptop open. I navigated to the hot Latinas room and showed him her sexy body. She called him by name and introduced herself. He looked at me, smiled, and his cock grew hard right away. I began to blow him while she watched and touched herself. He looked at her and me and I knew that this was a dream come true for him. We watched her play with herself while he fucked me. He knew I was turned on by how wet that I was. It was an amazing experience. We all came at the same time, exhausted but invigorated. 

How live sex cams enhanced our marriage

I think that this experience brought my husband and I closer together. I haven’t ruled out bringing a woman into our bed one day, but until then, we can return to the Live Sex Cam website and enjoy the idiosyncrasies and nuances of a new woman with us as often as we like. Web cam girls have improved an already amazing sex life exponentially.

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