Fresh off of my divorce and enjoying adult live chat

Fresh off of my divorce and enjoying adult live chat

I was fresh off of a divorce because my wife had gotten sick of my constant traveling for business. I never quite understood that because she didn’t mind spending the money that I earned from my job. I guess she decided that she could have her freedom and my money from the alimony that she is now getting every month. It doesn’t really matter, she was getting older and past her prime. 

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I was in no rush to start a relationship, not to mention how difficult it would be to do it since I am never in one place for long. I still longed for the companionship and the body of a hot young chick. One night, while jet lagged in a hotel room, I decided to try out I thought that it might be fun to check it out and see what these cam models had to offer a middle aged man like myself. 

Once I got to the website, I saw thumbnails of hundreds of girls in every shape, age, race, and size. Some of the girls showed their tits in the pictures, others were in sexy clothing.  I looked around for a hot young thing with an amazing body. There were a lot, but I zeroed in on a beautiful twenty-something with long dark hair, blue eyes, perky tits, and a nice tight ass. When I clicked on her picture, I was directed to a chat room that had her live on video. She was leaning over her bed, typing into a laptop. There was a mirror behind her so I could see her perfect ass up her short red skirt. She looked fucking incredible. I wanted some private time with her.

I bought a bunch of credits so that I could take my time and see what she had to offer me. This was one of the best investments that I have ever made. She and I went to another private room and she sat on her bed with her legs spread wide. I could see her shaved pussy teasing me. She began asking me about myself. I told her what I did and where I was from. She was surprisingly interested in my life and seemed to know a lot about business and politics, which really impressed me. She told me a little bit about herself. I was interested in her, but I couldn’t stop staring between her legs. She knew it and would taunt me in the different positions that she took on her bed. 

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Then she pulled out a vibrator and told me that I could use some of my tokens to make it turn on for her. This was the best. Maybe I couldn’t touch her, but I could actually make her cum right there in front of me by controlling the vibrator as she guided it. I bought the maximum amount of tokens and would tease her for a few seconds at at time. Every time she moaned I got harder.  She put the vibrator between her legs, on her tits and even up her ass for me. I could have spent hours teasing her and making her moan and wiggle. I could tell how much she liked it and that got me so aroused that I had to cum also. Finally, I kept the vibrator on for a while and we both managed to orgasm at the same time. It was one of the greatest sexual experiences that I have had. This beautiful woman was smart and engaging, sexy as hell, and did what I asked of her. I know that I will never actually meet her in real life, so this is an absolute fantasy turned into reality for me. I would have paid twice as much as I did for that experience. After we were done she gave me her schedule with the days and times that she is available. I know that I can see her as often as I want and she will be someone that I can talk to and get nasty with whenever the feeling hits me. I am going to explore some of the other girls on the website also. There were so many beauties, I’m excited to see what they have to offer too.

Cam girls are the best solution for me in my situation. I get the companionship of a girlfriend without all of the baggage and responsibilities. I plan on doing this for quite some time.

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