Foot fetish cams fantasy fulfilled

Foot fetish cams fantasy fulfilled

There is something about women’s feet and legs that are incredibly sexy to me. I remember when I was a teenager, while the other guys were talking about perky tits and tight asses on chicks, I felt strange bringing up the bright red toenail polish that I saw when I took a glimpse at a girl wearing sandals, the sexy calves and those hot thighs that I wanted to have wrapped around me.

I’ve checked out porn websites online and was relieved to see that I’m not the only one that has a foot fetish. When I was younger I would spend a lot of time watching videos of women getting their toes and feet sucked on, rubbing their bare feet on a hard cock, or getting their entire thighs licked from their calves to their pussies. It was amazing. Now I’m older, and I want to experience more than just watching videos or looking at pictures. I want to interact with the woman. I want her to show those beautiful feet to me.

foot fetish

This isn’t something that I talk about with a lot of people. Women have thought it was weird when I started to suck on their toes or rub their feet on my cock. I guess it isn’t common for a lot of men to get rock hard when playing with a chick’s feet and legs. I could do it for hours. I have found a really hard time finding women that will indulge me in my foot fetish. I know that they are out there, but I didn’t know where to look.

Then, while on a porn website, I came across a banner that was advertising live web cam girls. I thought that I would check it out and see if any hot chicks would give me a private show of their feet. I had nothing to lose, and have been really curious about what it would be like to do live adult chat.

When I went to the website I saw hundreds of thumbnails of the most beautiful women. Underneath each of them was information about what types of things that they were into, and to my absolute delight, I found dozens right away that included “feet” as their specialty. I immediately knew that I had made the right choice.

I chose this gorgeous babe that had incredible tits, a super hot body and said that she loved to show off her feet and legs. At first I could only watch her on her cam. She was just typing and wearing a loose shirt with no bra on. The thing that grabbed my attention, though, was the open-toed, black high heels and the perfectly painted toes that were peeking out from them. My cock grew hard and I wanted to chat with her in private, right then and there.

feet fetish

First, I paid for enough credits to get me a nice long session with this hot chick. I wanted plenty of time to watch her perform for me. We went into a private room and she asked me what kinds of things turn me on. I told her that I am really into women’s feet. She took that information and knew exactly what to do. She gave me close ups of her toes and arches. She fucked herself with her heels. As she did it, she said my name and asked if I liked it when she did these things. I couldn’t get enough. I loved that she was talking to me and I could tell that she enjoyed how turned on that I was from her.

I couldn’t help myself. I came way faster than I wanted to, but the whole experience was just mind-blowing. She didn’t mind and told me that she wanted to see me again soon so that we could have some more fun. That is definitely going to happen.

I never realized how hot these live adult chats can be. I have waited my whole life to be with a woman that indulged my foot fetish like she did. I get to have a chick that knows exactly how to please a man, discreetly, at any time that I want. I can’t wait to come back and see what else is in store for me with these beautiful women.

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